WTF? I just got a message from Seattle Housing Authority saying “Tex to find out where you can get free meals for your kids this summer”.  If you can afford to text, you might not need free meals.

On another note, 3rd Ave. street sleeping is now a thing. Open wound season has been in effect for a month.



Angry black men preaching victimhood on the corner of crack and smack.  The megaphone is too much.

I bought a rug today

Poppies (beige)

It will match my dining room chairs, and pull the place together.


I do not know where or even how to express my horror about the threat to Roe V. Wade. I am sickened I have never had an abortion. I saw a meme today about leftists saying if you’re against abortion, don’t have one, and the (I forget what they called gun owners) “if you’re against guns, don’t have one”. Why can this not be ok? Why is it either or?  The two are not related.  Planned Parenthood saved my life twice. Neither time did it have anything to do with birth control. I am a lifetime member of the NRA.  A person’s choice to own a gun or to have an abortion is just that: their choice.


The neighbors are down in the courtyard with tunes going. It’s so nice to look out and see the verdant treetops, and colorful outdoor furniture, and friends outside on such a nice day.

I went down and had tea with them, in cups with saucers, the whole tea set. very nice.

A stark contrast to going out the front door.  Residents have been harassed by an African American guy wearing round mirrored glasses, who has referred to me as his wife on occasion. Ugh.  And the two guys nodding off in their own heroin high as I walked out the door.


This morning I went out to get a soda, and there was someone unbalanced, or under the influence of something or the other, pounding away on the box to buzz people in. I use it to buzz myself in, so this person was blocking my access to the building. I repeatedly said “excuse me, I need to get into the building”, but he didn’t budge. Finally, a person with him pulled him away. I went into the building, and the elevator isn’t working for people who have been buzzed in. so I walk to the 2nd floor and take the elevator the rest of the way. I get to my door, and there is a notice that on Friday, from 9-5, we are getting high-efficiency toilets.  I hear they are more trouble than they are worth.

Today I am considering going to look for area rugs on clearance. I have 2 selected that are not on clearance. One, my heart is set on, and the other is a close second. I doubt either is on clearance.  The dream rug is internet only, so that’s definitely not there. High-class problems. I still haven’t finished cleaning my couch. It’s harder to do than I thought, with one person doing it.


More of the same, but shared with SafeSeattle and Seattle Looks Like Shit on FB:

This has got to end! I know the homeless industrial complex is a quagmire, and after reading that a resident of one of their shelters is not allowed to call the police or the whole shelter shuts down, I can understand why people refuse shelters. I personally live in a very dangerous part of town, and there are homeless sleeping on the street whenever I leave my apartment. I am glad that Safe Seattle and Seattle Looks Like Shit are bringing this to FB. In other neighborhoods people can see it from a safe distance. I cannot. the entry to my apartment building is covered, and people stand in it to do drug deals, smake whatever illegal substance they choose, and hassle me as I come and go. I cannot afford to move, and that shouldn’t even be a necessity. Where I live is not safe. People on my block, I see it daily, are bent over at the waist, zoned out on some drug that affects people like Heroin, if it’s not heroin. People urinate and defecate in my doorway. People push and shove me as I try to get to my door. At times homeless people have made it into the lobby and nodded off there, A woman with two children one time! When it was a lone individual, I called the police, they asked me if the person was breathing, I said I didn’t feel safe enough to approach the person to find out, and they refused to send officers.


I see users and homeless pick up the smokeable butts from the vomit-strewn streets rife with human excrement in front of the 7/eleven that used to be on the 1500 block of 3rd Ave. Pigeons pecking through the vomit. Homeless unwashed people with open, running sores, panhandling for their mangy, starving, flea-bitten dogs, right out my apartment entrance.  The corner of the entrance of my building always has urine and vomit, there have been instances of excrement on the entry windowsill.  I get heckled just to get down the block to Walgreens, “At the corner of Happy and Healthy”.  No, indeed, this is the corner of crack and smack.