Today was the last day the convenience store downstairs was open.  It is in a high crime area, and corporate wouldn’t pay for security. The Police here have been without a contract for more than 1500 days, and are suffering attrition due to low pay. They can’t be there all the time.  I spoke to a pair of officers on bicycles, and one said: “It was only a matter of time, first they cut their hours back, and now this”.

I will miss the friendly clerks, but I will not miss the open shoplifting and rude behavior of the customers.



Yesterday I saw a barefoot crack head pushing a baby stroller. sad. This morning I saw a pair of pants and a condom wrapper in the middle of the sidewalk, and one of the doors to Walgreens had a busted out window.

But on my way back, one of the creatures was very polite to me.



Deep cleaning has been exhausting, and I still have a ways to go.  Painting the Hallway will be nice, but might wait for my roommate to do it.  The more I do, the more I see needs to be done! but a friend came over the other day and could see the difference, and told me it smells clean in here, which is nice.

Yesterday at the pharmacy, I had the experience of seeing a domestic violence situation, and a police involved security incident.


I am really shocked that the convenience store changed it’s hours to 9-5.  There are still creatures outside, though. Mostly congregating near the tobacco store.

I am enjoying my solitude and putting things in order.  Getting my house back. Silence when I want it. repairing the chaos of 2 years with a roommate. So far, bliss.

“Garage” and “Hospital” back where they belong.  So much more to do, but baby steps, as they say.

9:30 and even more clutter conquered!


I’m enjoying the early morning rain hitting my windows, relaxing before another day of cleaning.  A surprise call from an old friend is giving me more motivation, as I will have company this afternoon. It’s rare for me to have company so this will be nice motivation for my cleaning and puttering.


As pretty much everyone else gears up for the holiday, I am beginning the cleanup.  My roommate and I let things go for a long time. Now he’s in Florida.  Unlabeled food in the fridge, detritus of 2 years of his stay, getting organized to be able to reach a deeper clean, as in putting storage boxes in storage so I can vacuum, etc. this is what is what is making up my day.

Dishes to be loaded, unloaded, or disposed of, decisions to make about a surplus of cookware, all are conspiring to make me feel overwhelmed.  Thankfully, I can be as loud or as quiet as I want, I can sleep when I want, etc.  Kipling said: “Slowly, slowly, catchee monkey.”  And so I am taking things at my own pace.